Saturday, 1 February 2014

Berlin Rants

I once slept with an older guy who told me that ranting was pointless… That it was a waste of energy, and didn’t actually achieve anything. He insinuated that I’d learn this as I got older, and perhaps when I’d lived in London for longer. Maybe he was right, what does it really achieve?

Well, it lets you vent… and really sometimes that’s all we need to do. Let off steam. Share our frustrations with a sympathetic party. Get a laugh or two that helps us to see the funny side. So maybe after all it does help?

Now, here I am, older, perhaps a little wiser, living in a new city, Berlin. And guess what? I’m still ranting. Maybe it is still pointless, but when something pisses me off, I want to share it. Need to share it. There are now Facebook and Twitter and plenty of places to share feelings or rants with the world. We all do this. It’s an instinct now in our social media interactions.

Often you’ll share a rant in the pub over a good old pint or a soothing glass of vino. Friends listen, comment, sympathise, laugh… share their own rants or similar experiences.

So I came to the conclusion that a rant shared is a problem halved. Ranting helps. So I will continue ranting, and encourage others to rant and get things off their chests. Forget this guy I slept with and his restrictive views. Long live the rant!

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